Open Book Freedom License Version 0 ("OBFL-ver0", or "OBFL")

Version 0 of this license is mostly conceptual, and may differ from a legal license definition.

There are 2 OBFL Licenses:
OBFL Prometheus - This license is meant to "free the fire from the gods". It is a "viral" license, like the GPLv3, which requires all derivative works to be under the same license.
OBFL Launchpad - This license is meant to encourage entrepreneurship. It is almost the same as Prometheus, but without the "viral" clause. It is similar to an MIT type license in that regard, but with some novel provisions.

Both licenses require the following of the original work:

Prometheus requires the following of derivative works:

Launchpad requires the following of derivative works:

For the purpose of this license, "derivative works" is to be defined as anything that uses or is based on any research, publications, code, specifications, or any other material contained within the original work, whether substantial or unsubstantial in combination with something else, or contains any modified contents of an OBFL work.

"Open Book" is defined as compiling all materials related to bringing an idea from conception to reality into an actual Book (an electronic Book). This includes but is not limited to all research, any apparatus required to replicate the research, the data collected from the research, the interpretations of the research, the opinions of the researchers, any plans and details required to build any apparatus, including prototypes, any source codes required to run testing and prototype apparatus and the final product. The spirit of whether or not something should be included in the Book, should be along the lines of "If the world ended, and nobody was left except qualified engineers who knew nothing of the specifics of the product, would they be able to replicate the research, build the product, and understand how it works?" Keeping this in mind, you should still err on the side of caution, and include something if you think it is at all relevant.

Format of the Book:

Modifications, Additions, and Errata:

Projects wishing to pre-publish information that will ultimately end up in an Open Book should release with the moniker "(Book Pending)" to denote that you intend to go back and more thoroughly complete Book information in the spirit of OBFL. e.g. "This work is published under the OBFL (Book Pending)." In this case, the Book itself should also be marked "(in progress)".

If a sublicense is not specified, Prometheus should be assumed.

Works originally published under OBFL Prometheus, may later be changed to an OBFL Launchpad license if and only if the change is being made by the original author(s).