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Chained Echoes

Matthias Linda, DECK13
Dec 8, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

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Metro GameCentral
8 / 10
Game Informer
8.8 / 10
Hobby Consolas
89 / 100
God is a Geek
10 / 10
Game Rant
4.5 / 5
55 / 100
Windows Central
4.5 / 5
PlayStation Universe
9.5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Chained Echoes

Metro GameCentral

8 / 10
Metro GameCentral

The best sequel to Chrono Trigger there's never been, with a pseudo-Japanese role-player that maintains a delicate balance between retro homage and modern indie game.

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While Chained Echoes has the advantage of decades of distance from the games it looks to for inspiration, it’s a better experience in many instances than those vaunted games from which it arose. I prefer this combat, storytelling, and approach to progression and exploration to many of the JRPGs I grew up so enamored with playing. That’s the highest praise I can heap on a game so removed in time from the games to which it might be compared. Whether you currently count yourself a JRPG connoisseur or fondly recall the ʼ90s heyday of the genre, Chained Echoes is well worth your time.

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If you like the classics of the 16-bit era role-playing, you will enjoy Chained Echoes like a pig in a puddle. It takes everything that has aged badly of the genre (random combats, rhythm ...) and brings it up to date with exquisite taste. For something it has been 7 years in development, and it is something that shows. Too bad it doesn't have texts in Spanish.

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Chained Echoes is without a doubt the best RPG I've played all year, and should be pushed to the top of your backlog immediately.

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Indie JRPG Chained Echoes is a polished new 16-bit JRPG that brings out the best of the golden age.

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Chained Echoes is an incredibly uneven RPG heavily inspired by the likes of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears. With bad writing, poorly thought out mechanics, and an overly complex… everything it can be hard to get through. Even so, there is a little fun to be found here, mostly near the beginning.

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Valendis is a beautifully pixelated world with a rich history in this story-driven RPG. The initial introductions drag on a bit long, but once the story picks up it pays off in the end. Chained Echoes manages to introduce useful mechanics to its combat with the Overdrive system that work with the player while challenging them to change up their gameplay and strategy at the same time while still affording plenty of room for customization and accessibility.

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It's not every day you get to experience a game like Chained Echoes. With an incredible story, excellent writing, characters you can connect with and a combat system that takes a traditional turn-based system and turns it into a strategic, thought-provoking experience. What's not to like about that?

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