Forspoken Review Embargo Details

Forspoken Review Embargo Details

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Forspoken puts you in the shoes of Frey, a New Yorker who's been transported to the world of Athia. As you'd expect, the goal is to find your way home, and you're assisted in this journey through some brand-new (to you) magical abilities that help you traverse and battle yourway across this new world. Ahead of launch, we've got the Forspoken review embargo details for you now.

The review embargo for Forspoken is set for Monday, January 23rd at 6:00 a.m. PST. Head over to the Forspoken Page for all the reviews when it drops!

Previews for Forspoken have been mostly positive:

IGN - "I’m fairly convinced that there definitely is enjoyment to be found in Forspoken, but its early chapters don’t seem like the place to consistently find it. The magical combat promises to develop and become more and more interesting over time, but whether that will be enough to overcome an uninspired script and the world it aims to bring to life remains to be seen."

Game informer - "On paper, it’s precisely the type of RPG I like to spend my time playing. After going hands-on for a few hours and talking with some of the team about decisions behind Forspoken’s design, I’m even more excited for January, even if I still have some reservations about this studio’s first new IP. "

The Gamer - "My time with the game certainly made me want to find out more, at least about Athia and the Break, and I definitely want to just let loose in a world where I can run like the wind. Whether the other aspects of the game will deliver at launch to make Forspoken as groundbreaking as the team wants it to be, remains to be seen."

TechRaptor - "While Forspoken’s strength lies in its interesting story and unique magic parkour system, the game has a lot to offer beyond that. Buoyed by strong writing and a fleshed out world, as well as a solid combat system, Forspoken is shaping up to be one of the best RPGs of 2023."

Forspoken releases on January 24, 2023 for PC and Playstation 5.

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