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Bethesda, Arkane Austin
May 2, 2023 - PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Redfall - The Deadeye | Jacob Hero Trailer thumbnail

Redfall - The Deadeye | Jacob Hero Trailer

Redfall - The Telekinetic Threat | Layla Hero Trailer thumbnail

Redfall - The Telekinetic Threat | Layla Hero Trailer

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Redfall - Official Story Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Redfall


No Recommendation / Blank

Arkane's vampire thriller is muddled and deeply compromised, but has moments of real charm.

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Redfall's empty open world, flimsy shooting, and siloed systems make for a flat, dull experience.

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Redfall is a bafflingly bad time across the board. Plagued with bland missions, boneheaded enemies, and repeated technical problems, Redfall simply wasn’t ready for daylight in this state.

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Immersive sim meets four-player co-op in this vampire themed first person shooter that features competent gunplay but a lack of ingenuity in its challenges.

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Redfall is ultimately not up to Arkane's usual standards. It feels rushed, unfinished, and unsatisfying to play.

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Looking at the world of Redfall, I become sad by its wasted potential. For every great location, there are a handful of forgettable ones. The result is an empty-feeling game with several puzzling problems, like a lack of proper stealth takedowns, a tedious quest and waypoint system, and the inability to pause gameplay in single-player mode. Rampant technical issues hinder brighter moments, including frequent server crashes during multiplayer, inputs failing to work, broken animations, and numerous other bugs that make playing Redfall a frustrating experience. For a game about fighting the undead, Redfall feels soulless in all the wrong ways.

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Arkane takes a stab at infusing the genre du jour with its signature style, but the end results are a bloody mess.

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