The Lamplighters League

Harebrained Schemes, Paradox Interactive
Oct 3, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC

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The Lamplighters League Media

The Lamplighters League - Release Date Reveal thumbnail

The Lamplighters League - Release Date Reveal

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The Lamplighters League - Gameplay First Look

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The Lamplighters League - Announcement Trailer

Critic Reviews for The Lamplighters League

An over-ambitious and technically flawed tactics game that can't live up to its more accomplished influences.

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The Lamplighters League starts slow, but its mix of squad tactics, stealth, and pulp adventure soon builds momentum thanks to excellent design of both heroes and enemies.

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"The ability to swap between characters at will means that it's easy to get the most from the Action Point system"

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If its level of challenge is your bag, you'll have a great time with The Lamplighters League. If not, then the easy charm and likable characters might justwin you over anyway.

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The only other flaw to the combat of The Lamplighters League is the limited camera control. Strategic combat requires a good overview of the battlefield, and with the lack of any camera zoom or control over the viewing angle, you are stuck with a static isometric view of the fighting. You can rotate and scroll the map, but keeping track of a large map without any extra controls is cumbersome. It’s not enough to turn me away from recommending The Lamplighters League to any avid turn-based combat fan, but it is definitely a big miss.

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The Lamplighters League attempts to deviate from tradition, promoting creativity over power, but ultimately falls short. However, its simplicity puts it into the more approachable realms of turn-based tactical games and is a great choice for anyone looking to try the genre for the first time.

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Wait for Sale
Jeremy Penter
Lamplighters League Review - A Great Time and a Gaggle of Tech Issues - YouTube video thumbnail

The Lamplighters League's stimulating turn-based battles encourage you to carefully consider your actions each turn. Use your agents unique abilities in just the right order and you can go well beyond the default number of action points, while taking down entire groups of opponents.

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